Wednesday, September 22, 2010

bittersweet goodbyes♥

Its the first day of fall. Its time to pull out our soft scarves, kneehigh boots, and soft tunes like Norah Jones. There is something about fall...the sound of the rain, the the breeze that was once warm, now feels cool. The skies turn a deeper shade of blue..almost gray, and the leaves that were once green, turn to shades of golden, oranges, and reds. It leaves you with a sense of calm. Feeling peaceful, rested. I love the fall.

With the welcoming of fall, comes the time to say goodbye to summer. To pack away our bikinis, sunny photographs, and summer romances. I love summer. I love the sunshine, and the feeling of the warm breeze in my hair while I drive with my windows down, sunroof open. Its a good feeling. The kind that leaves you feeling confident, with a smile on your face as you sing along to concrete blonde.

This fall, it isnt just the summer Im letting go of. Im letting go of the hope and dreams I have held on to for over a year. The goals that were not mine to reach. Im letting go of you. More than a summer romance, you were my almost lover, my smile smile and honeycomb kids. You were my white picket fence. Or so I believed. I have spent this summer, praying that the inevitable wouldnt happen. That your feelings wouldnt change with the seasons. That I wouldnt be the last one holding on. Its time for me to say goodbye to you. To all the nights that we spent hours talking on the phone, laughing, dreaming together of the day when I would be yours, and you would be mine forever. Its a goodbye to the love that we tried to make real. The love that we spent months high off of. It was real. It was true. The feelings we felt and the moments we shared. But its time to move on, the way you asked me to, the way you have. Its time for me to say goodbye to our love, our future, and our past that keeps me hanging on.

With every goodbye is a new hello, as summer turns to fall, a love turns to friendship. Im looking to fall with open arms, and an open heart. I am saying goodbye to the tears, hurt, and ugly butterflies...and Im going to wait patiently for the fall to bring me back my smile, my happy butterflies, and love. Im welcoming back the me that sometime these past 4 months, I lost. The me that captured your heart over a year ago. Im coming back with the fall. And Im leaving summer, and you behind.

The end of summer is a time for bittersweet goodbyes♥
The start of fall is a time for change...optimistic hellos♥