Saturday, July 10, 2010

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11:43pm: say goodnight. Promise to try and sleep. Hang up.
12:12am: im still awake.
12:34am: I close my eyes and see your face.
12:35am: Cramps.
1:11am: Elmer Fudd plays in my mind.
1:12am: I smile.
1:14am: I miss you.
1:23am: yep. Still miss you.
1:47am: cramps. Get some water take 3 more ibuprofen.
2:01am: you.
2:02 am: you. you.
2:20 am: remember the night you asked me to talk with you after you got home til it was time for bed cause you missed me? Who cares about minutes? I don't.
2:54 am: thank goodness I don't have to open.
3:09am: you should be up soon. You'll be mad if I'm still awake.
Somewhere between here and 4:12 I fell asleep.
4:12am: missed text. I love your kisses.
4:16am: no response. Your already out.
4:21am: I wonder if you run without a shirt on?
4:39:am: I'm tired. My cramps are gone
5:00am: I fall asleep.
8:30am: oh yeah. Saturday. No call. Back to bed.
9:34am: good morning. Welcome back cramps.