Friday, June 11, 2010

He loves me♥

Sometimes, you can find someone so perfect for you in every way. They may be your soulmate. Sometimes, you find them too soon and the timing is not right. You can try to make it the right time. You can play along and try to fight reality. But when it comes down to it, timing really is everything. It's taken me this long, but I figured it out. I have realized that there is more to a relationship then simply loving one another. We have to love ourselves first. I had to step back from my relationship, for the time being. I am fortunate enough to keep my best friend and faith in the possibility of a tomorrow. He truly is my future and the one I am meant to be with in the end. I don't have one regret from the last year, except, maybe I spent too many days grumpy. I spent the last two days in tears afraid of so many things. What if he decides he can't be my friend? What if we grow apart and I'm just another girl on his facebook? What happens if he finds someone else. Can I be his friend then? I have made myself sick and hatched my own ugly butterflies. Then, like always, he brings me peace of mind without even knowing it. And I realize everything is going to be ok. Maybe not today and probably not tomorrow. But someday well be ok.