Thursday, June 10, 2010


I do not understand why people always feel the need to interfere in places they have no right. I could see if the words were solid truth, if there was any evidence if indiscretion. I do know the truth. I see everything firsthand. If only they heard how he talks with me, to me. Or saw all the things he does for me. If they really knew what I do, or how he makes me feel, then they would have nothing to say. Instead, they observe quietly and attack anonymously. They try to fill my up with doubt and don't realize that their words are just that to me. Words. They want to convince me that I don't know what goes on, but yet none can come to me as the friends they claim to be and express concern. They hide behind their anonymity. That, to me, is not sincerity. It's jealousy. I guess, it's harder to make oursleves, as people feel better about the things in our life. But it's so easy to bring others down. People need to grow up, and get involved in their own lives instead of trying to bring mine down.