Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am so amazed and I have to share. So, as you can tell from last nights blog, I am very homesick lately. Obviously. Lol. I really do miss washington and my family and friends. I just was on vacation there like 2 months ago and I already miss it!! Well, I have been praying to God about what to do and what the right answer is as far as if i should go back or how I can afford to visit at least the soonest possible. Well today, after praying and crying last night, he has answered my prayers!!
Today, I found out that my dad got a check in the mail for $800 dollars to register my car (long story) but the cost is really only $400 because of how everything worked out when I got my car (which is a blessing in it's self!!) so now, I have an extra $400 dollars that I can afford to visit Washington!! God is good and this last year my faith in him has grown so much!! :D anyways, I had to share!! Lol. All things are truly possible through Him. Xoxo


nessanay said... looks like that extra money isnt coming through right least not in the form of money in my hand lol. But, my bills may be paid the next two months. :) well see. Either way, God is good. :D