Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Polar Bears♥

Did you know that polar bears, are really marine animals? Meaning, they spend more time at sea then they do on land. I dont know too much about the whole global warming thing. I dont always understand the things they are talking about. I do know, that I LOVE polar bears and that when they say that more than 2/3rds of polar bears will be gone by 2050, it makes me sad. How exactly are polar bears effected?

1.) Population is decreasing in polar bears:
Polar bears have to live on land when the warmer weather of spring and summer come around in some southern regions they inhabit, such as Hudson Bay in Canada. They have to hunt on land, and survive on land until the bodies of water they are near freeze again for winter. The ice, studies have shown, is now taking an average 3 weeks longer to form. That means that polar bears seal hunting is cut 3 weeks short as well thus resulting in the 15% weight loss that these bears have experienced. This has consequently effected reproduction and now the polar bear popul;ation in Hudson Bay alone, has declined by 20%.

2.) Sea Ice Decline:
The ice platforms are shrinking in size, and some are altogether melting away. Yes, polar bears are marine animals which means they swim. With the ice shrinking, the platforms are getting farther and farther apart making swims for the bears more difficult and more dangerous. Recently, polar bears have been found drowned in the Beaufort Sea as a result of the ice being to far away and rougher seas.

3.)Food Deficiency:
Polar bears are not the only animals being effected by global warming. Seals, arctic foxes, carabou (thats right! Reindeer!) as well. And what do polar bears eat? Thats right! Seals. :) and veggies :p haha. But really. Polar bears are going hungry more often and are now having to (eek!!!) eat their own species!! An observation that is new to many researchers.

SOOO.... I know that sometimes I feel like I am only one person, so really, what can I do that will make a difference at all? There really is so much. We are each one person, but when one person makes a difference, it encourages another person to make a difference as well. And soon enough, you have a chain reaction and an outcome that is better for everyone! :) So help do something! Even if a prayer is all you can offer!


Wanna do more?
1.)Click the link to the right of my blog and help the wildlife fund!

2.) Erase your face! NOT the polar bear race! (hehe) BUY Josie Marans facial cleasning wipes! They are an awesome product that DO work, a good price ($12 for a bpackage of 30!! WOW) and a portion of the money you spend will be used to help save polar bears! I USE THEM! I LOVE THEM and they have lots of goooood ingredients :D

3.) Adopt an animal at any wildlife fund!

4.) Conserve energy at home!! TUrn off lights when you arent using them or dont need them! Turn the water off while brushing teeth, or washing your hair and or body when in the shower! Take baths! Recycle what you can!! DONT use hairspray!! its gross anyways! lol. Little things that add up! :)

PS: If you want to see REAL polar bears LIVE! go to: